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On this page, we’ve provided a list of the most common fabrics that we source for our clients. This is by no means an exhaustive list as that would be impossible. Keep in mind that all fabrics have blends (ex: Cotton/Spandex) or finishes (ex: Crepe, Sateen, Twill, etc.) which are too many to list here. When you include this information in your request or tech packs, we’ll tell you its availability.

* We do not sell or stock fabrics. We will source fabrics based on your exact requirements.
** Domain & Range does not work with any feather, fur, leather, suede, wool, or any of their faux alternatives.

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Knowledge: BCI Cotton and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton reduce/exclude the use of toxic chemicals improving soil health and biodiversity, and its production lifecycle ensures ethical working conditions, must meet a slew of environmental impact criteria, as well as quality assurance principles with stringent review processes increasing traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Application: Domain & Range’s BCI & GOTS Cotton are knit and/or woven making them perfect for a vast range of clothing for babies, children, ladies, and men’s wear.
Knowledge: Cotton is the most commonly farmed natural fabric in the world, and comes in countless finishes, types, and weights. The various Cotton fabrics we source are high quality and we can source from hundreds of possible options.

Application: Due to the sheer number of Cotton we can source, it’s easier for us to simply state that if you want your clothing made from a natural fabric, we probably have a Cotton for it.
Knowledge: Our Linen is produced from the sustainable flax plant which makes this fabric highly biodegradable when used in its original RFD color or when plant-dyed. Linen is both moisture absorbent and anti-bacterial.

Application: Linen comes in many thread counts and is ideal for summer clothing such as blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, resort wear, shirts, shorts, skirts, trousers, and more.
Knowledge: The name Rayon is used interchangeably with Viscose, a fabric that is made from regenerated cellulose fibers derived from the processing of wood commonly from eucalyptus, beech, or pine trees, but can also be made from bamboo, soy, and even sugar cane. Rayon / Viscose is an excellent alternative for conventional Cotton, Linen, Silk, or Polyester.

Application: Our Rayon / Viscose fabric is both knit and woven making it perfect for a massive range of clothing from dresses, kaftans, playsuits, shirts, shorts, tracksuits, t-shirts, and more.
Knowledge: Domain & Range’s Modal fabric is an excellent alternative to Cotton, and is in the same family as Rayon / Viscose. Our Modal fabric is pilling and shrink resistant and has excellent breathability, moisture absorption, and it’s highly durable in blends such as Modal + Spandex. Our brands include Lenzing Modal®.

Application: Our Modal fabric is knit and/or woven and can be used in a wide variety of applications including babies' onesies, dresses, camisoles, soft leggings, long-sleeves, t-shirts, and more.
Knowledge: Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant crops for use as textiles and doesn’t require any fertilizers or replanting because the bamboo grows back from its own roots. The type of bamboo fabric Domain & Range sources can be used as an alternative to Cotton, Linens, Modal, and Rayons.

Application: Bamboo is perfect for making a wide variety of clothing such as babies' onesies, dresses, leggings, long-sleeves, shorts, skirts, swaddle wraps, t-shirts, and more.
Knowledge: Polyester is one of the most common synthetic fabrics in the world and comes in countless different blends and in hundreds of different finishes. It’s made in micro yarns (Microfibre) or macro-yarns. There are too many varieties of Polyester fabric to list here.

Application: Due to the vast number of Polyesters, the application possibilities are massive but our clients mostly use it for activewear, hijabs, swimwear, streetwear, tracksuits, and more.
Knowledge: The name Nylon is used interchangeably with Polyamide. And like Polyester, Nylon / Polyamide is also a common synthetic fabric, and as such, comes in countless different blends and also in hundreds of different finishes. There are too many varieties of Nylon / Polyamide fabric to list here.

Application: Our Nylon / Polyamide range is massive but our clients mostly use it for activewear, outerwear, swimwear, streetwear, and more.
Knowledge: Domain & Range’s Denim is a high quality cotton fabric that is both durable and comes in a variety of styles, washes, weights, and blends. There are varying weights of denim including certain blends that can make the fabric light and a bit stretchy.

Application: Our Denim is perfect for making your favorite jeans, jackets, jeggings, shirts, shorts, and more.

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