Golden Bull Award 2021

Golden Bull Award 2021
Golden Bull Award 2021

Outstanding SMEs Award

The Golden Bull Award has served as the ultimate award for successful businesses, A crowning glory for years of growth and building innate strength.

It is one of the country’s first and most representative annual business awards, honoring the best of SMEs in Malaysia by recognizing their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements.

D&R Garments is graciously honored to be conferred the Outstanding SMEs of The Golden Bull Award 2021.

The award symbolizes the strength in demonstrating premium quality in product development & business growth.

Thank you to all our customers for the continuous support.
We will continue to strive to serve you better!


SME Service Excellence Award 2020

The Platinum Business Awards sustains the legacy of SME Recognition Award as one of the pioneering awards for SMEs in Malaysia since 2002, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship and transformation as the way forward for companies in the new economy. It presents a showcase of human excellence, individuals who have triumphed over the odds to create inspiring legacies for others to follow.

DNR Garments was honoured to receive the SME Service Excellence Award in SME MALAYSIA Platinum Business Awards.The award symbolises the ongoing ever improving in our service to our clients. Through this award, it shows that we go the extra mile for our valued Customers. We aim to forge long term partnership through synergy. In DNR, we will continue to strive for excellence in all areas.

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Bagi memenuhi keperluan pelanggan, kami menawarkan pelbagai jenis jenama pakaian untuk anda pilih.

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