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About D&R Garments Manufacturing
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How We Started ...

Established in the year of 1987, D&R Apparel has served countless companies in the fashion design development industry. Garment manufacturing. Apparel supplier.​

We are your go-to one stop solution for your apparel needs.

We specialize in a wide variety of knitwear products, namely t-shirts, aprons, towels, polo T,  fleece jackets, sportswear, spandex, micro fibre dry-fit materials.

We are ODM and OEM factory, in other words, we also provide customization services.

Sports & outerwear, Casual Wear, Infant & Kids Wear

Our manufacturing plant is based in Yongchun, Xiamen, China.

And we are comprised of a team of dedicated and professional fashion experts.

Our Marketing and Merchandising Department is located in Bandar Baru Klang, Klang.

At D&R Apparel, we are highly committed to ensure our customers satisfaction with high standard qualities. We aim to build long term brand loyalty whilst striving for long term steady growth.

Since the day we started we have been supplying to various local brand owners in Malaysia.

We have strict quality control procedures, to ensure the highest quality & workmanship of our goods.

Vision Statement

We aim to consistently supply Premium quality garments to the market, expand gradually, create jobs, support families, and nurture talents.

Mission Statement

We aim to consistently add value to manufacturing through:
 Highly productive and efficient management.

 Low waste management

 To maintain a good discipline and a loyal workforce

 Clean and Work conducive environment
 Strict Quality Control Standards

 ISO 9001 & Disney FAMA implementation by Year 2020

 Constantly keeping up to latest innovations and tech

Production Capacity

Capacity China Total
Years of Establishment 1998
Sewing Machine 75 75
Total Strength 150 150
Capacity (pcs/month) 50,000pcs 50,000 pcs
Market (Malaysia) 100% 100%

Our Core Clients


Our Unique Selling Points

Our Latest Brand Design

To fulfill customers needs, we offer a wide range of apparel brands for you to choose.

We Guarantee the Lowest Prices

We provide the finest quality of product at a very reasonable price to customers.

Direct Factory Honest Pricing

We create the best product based on your requirement and assure you will feel satisfy with it.

Fine Quality Production Is Our Main Concern

Domain & Range Sdn Bhd make sure that your garment making process will follow the highest production standard.