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At D&R, fabrics are specifically sourced from trusted fabric producers only for your production.
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Lacoste Pique

Application : Casual wear, personal brand shirt

Single Jersey Cotton

Application : Casual wear, personal brand shirt

Micro Fibre - Drycool

Application : Sportswear , Casual wear, Brand shirt, Dry-fit shirt

Cotton / Polyester Mesh

Polar Fleece

Application : Jackets, Blankets, Outdoor Clothing

Bamboo Cotton

Application : Casual Wear, Personal Brand Shirt, Premium Cotton

Nylon Polyester

Application : Windbreaker, Track Pants, Swimwear, Repel Against Moisture

Spandex - Lycra - Tights

Application : Sportswear, Casual Wear

Interlock Cotton

Application : Common

Tricot Fabric

Application : Sportswear, Tracksuit


French Terry

Application : Casual wear, Premium fabric, Keeps you cool, cozy

Romans Fabric

Application : Sportswear, Premium Fabric, have Spandex Content

Non woven polypropylene fabric - PPE

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